Do you feel a call to work in French speaking Canada?

FIT4M stands for 

French Intensive Training For Ministry

The ability to communicate in French is the most important prerequisite for effective service in a Francophone milieu.

The program is an essential part of our overall effort to bring the message of Christ and establish PAOC communities of faith in Francophone areas.

Bienvenue ! Message from Gary Connors

About FIT4M

FIT4M is a one year bursary-funded program. These bursaries provide assistance to cover tuition, books and basic living expenses.

Participants are introduced to Francophone ministry by being incorporated into a local church setting as an active staff member of a local Host Church.

The major qualifications for a FIT4M bursary are: (1) a Bible College Graduate with an average record of Academic achievement; and/or a valid PAOC credential with previous ministry experience and; (2) a willingness to commit to at least two years of full-time French Ministry after graduating from the FIT4M program.

FIT4M is a reboot of the FLITE Program, a program that existed in the 70’s and 80’s that sought to train and equip Bible College graduates who felt a call in French ministry.

FIT4M is a joint initiative of Mission Canada, through its Québec and Francophone Canada priority together with PAOC Districts. For more information or to apply for the FIT4M program please contact Gary Connors, Québec and Francophone Canada Coordinator here.

Practical Matters

French language studies are provided through various linguistic learning centres. Some of the institutions we have worked with in the past include:

  • Université de Québec à Montréal (UQAM),
  • Centre d’études Saint-Louis (Montréal),
  • Centre d’éducation des Adultes des Draveurs (Gatineau),
  • and Rosetta Stone Language Learning.

This one year Bursary funded program provides the assistance needed to cover tuition, books and basic living expenses.

The participants are paired with a host church during an eight-month period where they intern as an active staff member. The Host Church provides the participants with billeting.