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The ability to communicate in French is the most important prerequisite for effective service in the Francophone milieu. FIT4M stands for French Intensive Training for Ministry, and the program is an essential part of our overall effort to bring the message of Christ and establish PAOC communities in Francophone areas. THE FLITE PROGRAM of the 70’s and 80’s In the early ‘60s, officials of the PAOC became keenly aware of the special challenges with evangelizing French Canada. A new strategy named FLITE was launched in 1969 under the direction of then Home Missions and Bible Colleges Director Robert Argue. The acronym stood for “French Language Intensive Training for Evangelism”. The FLITE program enlisted graduates of English speaking Bible Schools and gave them the opportunity to learn the French language at Laval University in Québec City.

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FIT4M start up fall 2014 The Mission Canada Committee has felt that it was time to ‘relaunch, reboot, reload’ a similar training program as FLITE under the name  FIT4M French Intensive Training for mission/ministry in Québec and in Francophone areas of Canada and possibly the French world for PAOC Bible College Graduates and Credentialed Ministers. FIT4M is a joint initiative of Mission Canada, through its Québec and Francophone Canada arm, with PAOC Districts and Institut Biblique du Québec. Practical Matters of FIT4M

  • FIT4M French language studies are provided by Université de Québec (UQAM) à Montréal and Rosetta Stone Language Learning.
  • FIT4M is a one year Bursary funded program. These bursariesprovide the assistance needed to cover tuition, books and basic living expenses.
  • FIT4M participants are introduced into Francophone ministry by being incorporated into a local Church setting as an active staff member of a local “Host Church” during their eight month program. The “Host Church” provides FIT4M participants with billeting.
  • The major qualifications for a FIT4M bursary are: (1) a Bible College Graduate with an average record of Academic achievement; and (2) a willingness to give at least two years of full-time French Ministry after graduating from the FIT4M program.

Your prayers, support and involvement will insure that more labourers are sent out for effective ministry in the French mission field. For those wishing to contribute financially to FIT4M can earmark their gifts to the Robert Argue Quebec and Francophone Canada Mission Fund administered by Mission Canada. For those wishing more information or for anyone wishing to apply for the FIT4M program may do so by contacting Gary Connors, Québec and Francophone Canada Coordinator or by clicking the button below. Click Here

The FIT4M Team

Gary Connors
Quebec and Francophone Canada Coordinator
Gary holds his Ordination Credentials with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). Gary graduated from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College ( Master’s College and Seminary MCS) in 1975.  After graduating, he went to Quebec City where he was on pastoral staff of Carrefour Chrétien de la Capitale as Assistant Pastor until 1983.   He then ministered as ...
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Roxanne Ippolito
Administrative Specialist
Roxanne is native from Saint-Jérôme, QC. After graduating high school and finishing studies in administration, she moved to Toronto where she graduated from Master’s College and seminary. Roxanne then worked for almost 4 years as Junior High Pastor and Office Assistant at Stone Church, downtown Toronto. She and her husband, Mark, recently came back to ...
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Claude Payant
Coordinator for Rosetta
Claude coordinates the Skills Development Centre (Linguistics) department of the Quebec District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada; its purpose is to provide our workers and partners with quality tools to equip them to better serve the Kingdom of God. It is available to credential holders with the Quebec District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Bible school ...
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Isaac Bazié
Literary Studies Department Director at UQAM
Pastor Isaac Bazié Native from Burkina Faso, Isaac Bazié comes from a Christian family in which he received values essentially founded on an active faith in the Word of God and church involvement (his father was a pastor). At 18 years old, he gives the control of his life to Jesus. After studying at Ouagadougou University, ...
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